Braaaf Salmon bites

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Braaaf Salmon Bites
This unique product is suitable for all dogs with allergies and is therefore enthusiastically received by various veterinarians.

The amount of dogs with allergies (beef, pork or cereals) rapidly increased the past few years, but these dogs also have a need for chewing and deserve a reward every once in a while.

Seafood range
For this problem Braaaf’s Seafood range is the perfect solution. Also for other dogs you will notice that the Seafood products are preferable to your dog.

Try it yourself. 100% air-dried wild Alaskan Salmon with only 3,8% fat, essential Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.

Without the addition of artificial colouring and flavouring. In addition to chewing pleasure this product helps to clean the teeth!

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